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New Vehicles:

  • 100% financing, including tax and licensing fees. Does not include extended warranties.
  • Up to 84 months

Used Vehicles:

  • 100% of NADA Book Clean Retail Value
  • 1 to 4 years old: 72 month terms
  • 5 to 6 years old: 48 month terms
  • 7 to 8 years old: 36 month terms
  • 9 years and older: Up to 24 month terms
  • Salvaged Title/Repairable: 80% NADA Retail, Terms Vary
  • Larger pickups and SUVs may be eligible for up to 12 months in excess of policy

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Home Improvement

Want to add a deck? Does the furnace need to be replaced? Whatever your home improvement needs or wants Midland Co-Op Credit Union can help. Terms up to 60 months.

Recreational Equipment

ATV, Boat, Fifth Wheel, Motorcycle, RV, Snowmobile, Travel Trailer, UTV, etc.

  • New: 100% of purchase price
  • Used: 90% of NADA average retail
  • $0 - $9,999 - up to 48 months
  • $10k - $19,999 - Up to 60 months
  • $20k - $29,999 - Up to 72 months
  • $30k - $49,999 - Up to 84 months
  • $50k and Up - Up to 120 months

Share (Savings) Loan

A loan for any reason! You can borrow against the money in your share savings account while still earning dividends on the full balance of the account. Share loans are quick, easy and require no credit check. Terms up to 180 months. Minimum loan amount $1,000.

Signature Loan (Debt Consolidation/Personal/Unsecured)

A loan guaranteed by your signature for whatever you need. Consolidate debts, auto repairs or go on vacation, etc. When you need a short term loan contact us. 12 month term.

Member Services

Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction

Enables you to have part or all of your paycheck, Social Security check or other recurring government automatically deposited into your credit union account on payday.

Direct Pay

Enables monthly, electronic loan payments to be made directly from your checking account.

Consumer Credit Information

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Federal Share Savings Insurance

The shares in your credit union are insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), an arm of NCUA. Established by Congress in 1970 to insure member share accounts at federally insured credit unions, the NCUSIF is managed by NCUA. Your share insurance is similar to the deposit insurance protection offered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). For More Information visit NCUA Share Insurance.

Insurance Products

Including: Term Life, Whole Life, Variable and Fixed Annuities, Long-Term Care and Variable Universal Life Insurance

Members® Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program
You trust Midland CO-OP Credit Union to provide you and your family with quality products and services to meet your financial needs. We've joined with a dedicated team of insurance professionals to bring you the MEMBERS® Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program. The MEMBERS Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program is the property and casualty coverage solution preferred by credit unions and their members. Access convenient e-service, pay your bill or make changes to your policy, even report a claim. Receive fast, easy access to claims service 24 hours a day. Obtain a free, no-obligation quote. Click here to start saving!

The MEMBERS Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program is made available by CUNA Mutual Insurance Agency, Inc. and underwritten by leading insurance companies. To the extent permitted by law, applicants are individually underwritten; not all applicants may qualify. Discounts are not available in all states and discounts vary by state. A consumer report from a consumer reporting agency and/or motor vehicle report will be obtained on all drivers listed on your policy where state regulations allow. The insurance offered is not a deposit and is not federally insured or guaranteed by your credit union.

Member's Choice Credit Life

Reduces or pays off your eligible loan balance should you die from a covered accident or illness before paying off your loan.

Notary Public

Service is available to members at no cost during office hours

Enterprise Auto Sales

All makes and models of autos available. View their site: Enterprise.com

Vehicle Pricing and Information

View NADA book values: NADA.com

Member Accounts

Share Savings Accounts

By opening a share savings account with Midland Co-op Credit Union you become a member (shareholder) of the Credit Union. You receive the services of the Credit Union and the right to one vote concerning the election of the Board of Directors and amendments to the Bylaws at the Annual Meetings.

Our members have repeatedly enjoyed competitive dividend rates paid on their share savings accounts. Dividends are paid quarterly based on the Credit Union's earnings for that quarter. Dividends are calculated on the Average Daily Balance on accounts over $25.00.

Minimum Opening Deposit........$5.00

Share Draft (Checking) Accounts

  • No monthly fees
  • No per item fee
  • Direct deposit available
  • OVerdraft protection from Share Savings accounts
  • Minimum Opening Deposit: $100.00

cuCheck Card

Paired with the Credit Union’s Free Share Draft (checking) account the cuCheck Card is accepted worldwide at millions of merchants displaying the VISA logo. The check access card lets you purchase goods and services as if you were writing a check. The cuCheck card can also be used like an ATM card at any participating network ATM, as well as thousands of other locations around the world.

CUMoney Pre-paid Debit Card

Fund It. Spend It. You pre-fund the card with a specific amount of money. So you can control your spending, but can re-load the card at any time from your computer or by calling the Credit Union. It’s not tied to your checking or share savings account, so if it’s lost or stolen, you won’t have any risk

Christmas Club Accounts

A separate savings account for your Holiday gift list. Deposits accepted through October of the year. Checks for the balance of the account plus dividends earned are mailed out automatically in early November each year.

Home Banking

Access your account any time from any PC via our web site. View account balances, transactions history, cleared checks, transfer funds and request withdrawals. While on Home Banking you can easily enroll to receive your statement online as e-Statements.


Click on RATES tab above to check out the most current rates and information. Rates posted are for all members. We qualify you based on history with the Credit Union, Debt to Income ratio, and history found upon your credit report.

  • Autos
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Home Improvement
  • Motor Homes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers
  • Motorcycles
  • Recreational Equipment-ATVs, Boats, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles
  • Signature

CU Succeed

Features include loan calculators, sample resumes, budget spreadsheets, tips on buying a car and advice on debit and credit use.


Loan Calculator

Savings Calculator

The accuracy of this calculator and its applicability to your circumstances is not guaranteed. Results should be discussed with a qualified professional before any product purchases or loan commitments are made.